Mashexa Productions and Designs Group (Proprietary) Limited which trades as MPD Group (Pty) Ltd is an Eastern Cape mass media conglomerate that does entertainment, media, marketing and communication services. The company is young, flexible, creative and innovative with brilliant ideas and inviting energy to service any organisations needs as long as they require services that are within our area of specialty. We take our name into account because it explains who we are and what we aspire to be in future. As the media industry is still growing fiercely in the province with newspapers, radio stations, printing and marketing organisations in developed areas with emergence of third world technology dominance in the market. Therefore, we aim to provide compelling services and creative solutions to enrich businesses, while assisting individuals to know more with the help of lucrative relationships built to ensure that our services are not compromised. We allow our business an environment to grow and develop its products and services.


We aim to be the best company that offers mass media services in the Eastern Cape. We believe in a shared mission statement that will create more opportunities that will maximize our growth and commitment with our partners and suppliers with the best leadership that communicates easy delivery of services directly to our clients as they form a core of our market.

MPD Group’s vision statement aims:
• To be a well furnished mass media hub for the Eastern Cape;
• To be an organisation that develops suitable and sustainable solutions that enables growth and;
• To nature entrepreneurship culture within the youth in the Eastern Cape


The following values describe our company
• Quality;
• Efficiency and high performance;
• Loyalty;
• Unique and;
• Growth and development


• We are a company that believes in executing,conveying and developing measures that allow us to deliver the best service with excellence;
• We treat each and every customer equally because they are the reason why we are operating;
• We strive to better our service base as it differs from client to client due to the nature of the industry that we operate in and;
• We always make it a point that our strengths are suited for any needs as a result of customer relationship


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